Today is day 4 of my 5 day Staycation at my in laws which will be my new home come this Sunday. It’s hard going from having your own space to sharing a bathroom kitchen and pantry with 5 other people. Right now though I am not complaining. I’m not one of a complainer anyway. First off,the house is huge and I don’t have to pay for nothing. That sounds pretty good to me. 

The only thing is that now my husband is back “home”he is back to his at “home”habits. Let me explain. He has thra e brothers and before we got married he had to make time for me. To talk to me, to see me. Now since I’m in the mix, time for me isn’t it longer a priority since I’m already here too. Idk what do you think. Am I being emotional again or is this a legitimate concern? I need a second opinion.