Disney Alligators aren’t so Magical

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When I heard about this I didn’t know what to feel! Things like this don’t really happen. This is something out of the movies. How do you even get over something like this. I cant event imagine how the family feels. I read they were wading in the water. Is that true. Was the alligator roaming close to land and snatched the child from a “safe area”? Why are there so many variations of this story? Kids dream of going to this place, what is this incident going to do for the park? They are on the search now for the alligator.

Is it the parent’s fault? They fought the alligator til they couldnt anymore. AND these people just lost a child and the internet is riduling them? Really, one of the most horrible ways of losing someone and there still isnt enough compassion out there? Despicable.

Then I come across this post on Buzzfeed.>>> Parents are sharing photos of their kids at the same spot

I guess, the alligator didn’t scare any of these people away. Are you all calling all of these people negligent parents too?



























What is happening right now??


Not gonna lie.  I’m getting married in two weeks and I’m freaking out.  Less than 2 weeks. It’s the Saturday after this one.  Is this normal??????? I couldn’t even tell you what I was feeling or what I’m freaking out over. Is it about the party or getting married?? Nah, cause getting our marriage license I was SO EXCITED. how the eff am I gonna plan parties if I freak out like this everytime. Shit, don’t tell nobody

Changing Seasons

So, I went to go see my mom yesterday and everytime we see each other it either goes well,where were not so annoyed with one another, or it goes not so well, where our fight causes a scene in public.

This time, yesterday, we were brunching in her tastefully cluttered yet magazine worthy studio apartment. It was a safe place. No scenes to be had or other voices to be heard. Seeing her in this setting was different.

Over the years my mom had found Jesus and since then have been trying to lead my brother sister and me down the same path.  I had really thought that we left her place and I was sitting in a pugh watching her preach to me about successful marriages (mind you, her and my father are divorced), is how well she spoke lol.

She told me someone had called our family broken. At that moment, I understand where this enlightenment journey was born. She just wants a second chance.

Anyways long story short this was a good visit. I left with diet spaghetti, a new married couple counseling cd and protein powder, which is the whole reason I went there in the first place.


Currently getting a pedi 😊😊 lol the things I think about in a massage chair