Caitlyn Jenner Better Werkkk!

Hey A Team,

What do you guys think about Caitlyn Jenner?

I love her. The person that she felt like she needed to be is finally free.

This goes beyond her being transgender. This is for anyone who felt suppressed from who they really are. It could be as small as changing your interests to fit in at work or at school or even with your family.

Be yourself. Chaos is inevitable and people will feel different towards you, but the ones who stay and journey with you, those are the ones who matter.

How To Deal With That Bitch At Work


Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s always that 1 person at work that I simply cannot stand! What is the deal? There is no reason for us to have any interaction but I feel that she just always finds someway to get underneath my skin. These are a few ways to help they day go a little smoother.

1. Kill them with kindness

It really is hard to be mean to someone that is super nice to you. If you’ve already been butting heads, this will definitely throw them off and probably get them off your back for a few days.

2. Try to get to the bottom of their anger towards you

There is usually always a reason why a person would be singled out. Ask if you’ve done anything to offend them. If they don’t have a reason, or at least not letting you know the reason, wrong impressions are usually the reason.

3. Stay Busy

If you’re busy, theres no time for heckling.

4. Keep your head above the water

Try not to show any emotion. It becomes less satisfying to the other party when you don’t respond. If you show you aren’t bothered by them, messing with you will serve no purpose.

5. Be Successful

Success is the best revenge. This is also better for you, if they don’t stop, use them as your motivation. Not only will this work out for you in the end, but also showing, you are not the one to be messed with!