Hello 25!


This is my pup. He’s 8 now and he’s been by my side since he was 8 months. I was 19 back then when my then boyfriend now husband gave him to me. Now I am 25, damn I made it to 25!

I am OK. Lol where I am in life. I still rent. I’m married. I have a dog that I treat like my child and I may have the job that I’ve been longing to get for the past year and a half. So even though I’m not there yet, baby steps.

You know how people look at their lives and decide to make changes right when the new year starts?  Well I do that on my bday and I think this one is a big one. I need to stop fuckin around. 25 is really the time to start acting like an adult..right?

This is hard though cause how do you even know what’s right for you or what is a bad decision??

My biggest problem before was making sure my lip gloss wasn’t too shiny now there’s shiny, matte, creamy, butter, glam …ugh story of my life things just get too complicated I need to step back.

I spent my bday asleep and woke up to hover board and eat then went back to sleep. And I was happy. I don’t even feel old or “older”.

I just got the new 11’s and this bitch on the elevator said “I stopped buying sneakers in high school”

😐 who was talking to you girl mind yo buisness

There’s really no theme to this post just my thoughts about the first 4 days of my 25 year old life.