Wowee, Maui


Greetings from Maui!
It sure is beautiful here if I do say so myself. I’m on my honeymoon here and today marks day 2 of romance or whatever. I’m actually staying at a resort that congratulates us for getting married but don’t really do anything. I was hoping to travel like that couple in front of Monica and Chandler that got everything for free and upgraded because they were on their honeymoon haha.

The island is super small I’m glad I’m only here for not that long cause then I might drive myself crazy and why the eff is a dozen eggs $10 and milk and gotdamn $8.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,yeaaaaaaaaa, no

Love is in the air, I have more touristy things to do 💙❤💛💜💚