The Best Phone Case

Hey A-team,

I finally got a case for my phone!  I drop my phone all the time and all the other cases I’ve had really just sucked. I just got this Spigen Slim Armor case and it’s awesome! I was told that should get something like Otter box. I have little hands first off so the HTC is already big and that case would make it gigantic. I have the Champagne color. I’ve dropped it  maybe 21 times since I’ve put the case on. I dont drop it on purpose lol but when it does happen, it just bounces around since the sides are rubber. Check it out here:


HTC One M8 Case, Spigen® [AIR CUSHION] HTC One M8 Case Protective [Slim Armor] [Champagne Gold] Air Cushioned Dual Layer Protective Case for The All New HTC One / HTC One M8 / HTC One 2 / HTC One 2014 (2014) – Champagne Gold (SGP10815)

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