Sunday Dinner

Pork Ribs Sinigang and Dry Rub Adobo Baby Back Ribs

Tonight was a ribs kind of night! Andrew and I bought a whole slab yesterday and defrosted it overnight to make for sunday dinner. I give Andrew all the credit.  All I did was chop up the onions and tomatoes LOL. Shout out to my Auntie Jean and Auntie Joy for the tomatoes from their garden!

Onions and Tomoatoes


Half the ribs were put into the Sinigang and the other half were baked.

Pork Ribs


We used a huge pot. I love sabow, which is tagalog for soup.


You want to bring the water to a boil. There will be a white and brownish foam that comes from the boil. Use a cup to scoop it out as it forms. I would love to tell you how to get the Sinigang flavor without the mix but I never get it right! SO….. we used the sinigang mix lol.

Sinigang mix

Add the onions and tomatoes first while boiling the meat. Then add the spinach, okra and green beans. It’s the best when the meat just falls off the bone, so to get there, we left the burner on mid heat,6, for about an hour or so.


For baking the ribs, Andrew used a dry rub.


The Gisa packet is really small so half on one side and half on the other and half the Adobo packet. Broil the ribs for 5 min. gisaadoboribs

Then bake at 375 for about 75 to 90 minutes and enjoy!