5 Ways To Keep Your “Summer Fling” All Year Round


What happens to a summer fling when summer is over? Does it die with the leaves on the trees? Can a love that harvested in the summer, underneath the warm rays of the sun, possibly survive the shorter days and windy nights? My answer was no, summer flings were just that, flings. That is until, my summer fling turned into the real thing

The problem is this: Summer flings are fun and adventurous, what do you do when it’s not so hot anymore? (Figuratively and Literally) 

5 Ways To Keep Your “Summer Fling” Last All Year Round

1.  Know Your Surroundings

If every time you see your summer fling is with a drink in your hand and 2 drinks in his, make sure that you spend time together outside of alcohol. This way you’ll find out if you like him before he gets his liquid courage. 

2. Have a Conversation

Find out what your fling’s plans are when the summer ends. This conversation can lead to other commitments that you may not know about and then you’ll know where you’ll stand in the situation. Also, if you want this to last, you don’t want them to think that you’re okay with something casual. 

3. Go On a Real Date

Summers are all about parties, drinks and bbq’s. Get away for a night and have some one on one time. You’ll have each others undivided attention.

4. Try New Activities

Doing new things with each other will strengthen your relationship. You’ll create memories that only you two will share and connect with each other in a new way. 

5.  Give Each Other Space

You don’t want to suffocate each other. Schedules change from summer to fall. If show him a good time, it won’t be the last. Trust me, if you pull back a little, the moment you cave to call him, he’s already called you first. 




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